Extensive range of stainless steel pressure boosting systems for sufficient water pressure on any scale.

Professional pressure boosting systems

As a market leader in pressure boosting systems we take water and quality seriously. It is not for nothing that more than half of the high-rise buildings in the Netherlands are equipped with one of our systems. And we are continuing to innovate.

The extensive range of pressure boosting systems offers solutions on any scale. There are systems that will increase the pressure in a single home all the way to full systems for the tallest skyscrapers.

Hydro-Unit Eco

Economic variant for small applications

The compact and affordable design makes this variant on the multiple-pump pressure boosting system particularly suitable for individual homes, sports complexes or light industrial applications.

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Hydro-Unit Premium Line

Compact standard for the safe transportation of drinking water

This series is the standard for the supply of drinking water in buildings. Developed to ensure safety against Legionella and reliable, efficient pressure boosting in a wide range of applications.

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Hydro-Unit Cube

Smart use of space and energy

With the compact construction and option to mount the unit on a wall, the Cube is often used in multiple steps to increase pressure on intermediate floors, rather than in one central technical room. As a result, additional piping and unnecessary energy loss is minimal.

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Legionellaveilige Hydro-Unit Cube

Hydro-Unit Utility Line

Versatile powerhouse for demanding applications

For exceptionally heavy, very demanding applications where the Premium Line is not sufficient in terms of capacity, the modular Utility Line offers the answer. This powerhouse can be fully tailored to individual specifications in close consultation with our R&D department and Unitbouw.

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Hydro-Unit Utility Line

Hydro-Unit Economy Line

Compact and Economical

This a high-quality series of booster systems with horizontal DPHM-pumps, designed to offer a suitable and economical solution for pressure boosting. The system has a compact design and is available in a version that meets the European standards for drinking water.

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