Reliable powerhouse

The DPAS, with its shared double inlet centrifugal pump, is suitable for water supply or circulation in large-capacity applications.
These efficient pumps are, thanks to the various material options and different sealing constructions, easily adaptable to the application for which they will be used, which gives them a very long service life in industrial and civil processes.

Working range

  • Max flow: 400 m³/h
  • Max head: 160 mwc
  • Liquid temperature: -10 ˚C – +110 ˚C
  • Pressure class suction side: DN 80 – DN 500
  • Pressure class discharge side: DN 65 / DN 500

Low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH); reliable operation

The Duijvelaar Pumps product range provide reliable and durable solutions. Quality is central in this series of process water pumps. Using a double inlet for suction, this pump has very low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) value. This makes the DPAS very durable for use in a wide variety of applications. The wide choice of materials and seals results in a pump that is easy to adapt to the application, guaranteeing operational reliability.

Depending on the medium to be pumped, the pump can be made from:

  • cast iron
  • bronze
  • stainless steel

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Installation and ease of maintenance

The upper section (lighter) and lower section of the housing differ in weight. Together with the easy to remove pump cover and the easily-accessible pump shaft, maintenance of the pump is easy.


The hydraulics of the impellers can be fine-tuned to meet the operating point. This means the pump has very efficient operation. As standard, the pumps are fitted with energy-efficient motors that are suitable for use in combination with a frequency converter in accordance with IEC 60034, which means even higher efficiency can be achieved.

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  • Hot water applications
  • Cold water processes
  • Air-conditioning and heating systems
  • Drinking water supply through pressure boosting systems and water supply network
  • Industrial processes
  • Water purification
  • Agricultural irrigation

Technical properties DPAS

  • Double suction, single-stage pump with axial shared housing
  • Radial impeller with double inlet and hydraulic pressure compensation
  • Suction and pressure flanges lie in one line
  • The motors are suitable for use in combination with a frequency converter in accordance with IEC 60034

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