The high-quality in-line HVAC Pump

The compact DPNL in-line pump is the right choice for medium-sized HVAC processes that are controlled from a small technical room or in situations where it must be mounted in a position where there is little horizontal space.

Working range

  • Max flow: 500 m³/hour
  • Max head: 100 mwc
  • Liquid temperature: -20 – 120 C
  • Pressure class: DN 40 – DN 200

Reliable operation

The Duijvelaar Pumps product range provide reliable and durable solutions. Quality is central in this series of process water pumps. The wide choice of materials results in a pump which is easy to adapt to the application, which guarantees reliability.

Installation and ease of maintenance

The DPNL series pumps are easy to mount, particularly in buildings where there is limited horizontal space available. The rotating section can easily be disassembled without removing the pump housing from the piping

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Flexible set up

Thanks to its in-line design, the DPNL can be mounted in different ways.


The heart of the pump is an efficient hydraulic design. The hydraulics of the impellers can be fine-tuned to meet the operating point. This means the pump has very efficient operation.
As standard, the pumps are fitted with energy-efficient motors that are suitable for use in combination with a frequency converter in accordance with IEC 60034, which means even higher efficiency can be achieved.

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  • Water supply network and pressure boosting systems
  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Industrial
  • Swimming pool
  • Shipping

Technical properties DPNL

  • Single-stage, in-line centrifugal pump built with standard motors and mechanical seals
  • One input, closed impeller, equipped with wearing ring for pressure balancing
  • The motor shaft sits directly in the pump shaft without coupling. Motor shaft and pump shaft are coupled with a special clamp
  • Easy maintenance: pump shaft, motor and other components can be removed without replacing the suction and pressure flanges or pump housing
  • Suction and pressure flanges lie in one line
  • The motors are suitable for use in combination with a frequency converter in accordance with IEC 60034.

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