Drainage of waste water and sewage without problems

The medium that must be pumped determines the applicable pump and impeller. Our product range consists of a simple drainage pump to an explosive-proof, completely stainless steel, industrial pump. All our pumps are available in different capacities and head heights, and meet the highest safety and quality requirements.


Vortex impeller

This pump is equipped with a single-channel impeller and is used for pumping waste water or rain water with few or no solid parts.

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DVV vuilwaterpomp vortexwaaier


Vortex impeller

Pumps equipped with a single-channel impeller are suitable for pumping untreated sewage and sludge that contains fixed and long fibrous particles or coarse solids, as well as air and gas bubbles.

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Pumps equipped with a cutting device are preferably used for the economic pumping of urban waste water with faeces, coarse and/or long, fibrous particles.

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Open channel impeller

Pumps equipped with a clog-resistant open channel impeller are used for the disposal of urban and industrial waste water with long, fibrous materials or coarse contaminants.

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DRSK, verstoppingsvrije rioolwaterpomp

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