3,000,000 high-quality pump solutions

The various stainless steel, multi-stage, centrifugal pumps are at the heart of DP. Decades of experience in the production and maintenance of stainless steel pumps make the technology behind the vertical and horizontal series unique.

The pumps are used in pressure boosting systems and applications such as building technology and industry all over the world. The drinking water quality label ensures safety at all times.


Vertical centrifugal pumps

High-quality series of vertical, multi-stage drinking water pumps of which the modular construction and choice of material and sealing options make it suitable for applications with, for example, high fluid temperatures, high pressures and low viscosity liquids.

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DPV roestvaststalen verticale pomp


Horizontal centrifugal pumps

Series of compact, horizontal, multi-stage centrifugal pumps; models in differing materials; and with an energy-efficient hydraulic design based on the DPV series. By using high-quality stainless steel for this pump, it is very durable and boasts a European drinking water quality label.

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DPHM roestvaststalen horizontale pomp


High efficiency horizontal centrifugal pumps

The design of this horizontal stainless steel multistage pump is based on the hydraulic design of the successful vertical DPV. With an identic hydraulic efficiency and proven reliability, this pump is specially developed for applications with limited installation height.

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