An appropriate centrifugal pump for every circulation process

Our versatile range of pumps for HVAC applications is characterised by durability, ease of use and low energy consumption. Whether they are used for water circulation in a central heating system for a high-rise building, or in an industrial setting, you can be assured that sustainability and continuity are always the priority.


In-line centrifugal pump

The compact DPNL in-line pump is the right choice for medium-sized circulation processes for heating and air-conditioning systems that are controlled from a small technical room. Because it is an in-line pump,it can be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling.

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DPNL in-lijn pomp


Mono-block Norm centrifugal pump

The DPNM Mono-block pump is specially designed for circulation processes that demand a compact pump that can be used for a large capacity. The horizontal arrangement of the pump makes the pump suitable for areas with limited height.

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DPNM mono-block pomp


Norm centrifugal pump

This high-quality DPNT standard pump is used in demanding HVAC applications, and for condenser and cool/hot water systems. With a wide range of material options, this pump is very versatile and durable.

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DPNT normpomp


Horizontal split-case

The DPAS centrifugal pump is used in general applications with a large capacity. The various sealing options make this a very versatile pump; therefore, this series is not only used in HVAC applications, but also, for example, in industrial processes.

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DPAS langs gedeelde dubbele inlaat pomp

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