DP-Control Service App

DP-Control is the official DP-Pumps Service Tool to easily view, manage and adjust settings of pump systems on site.Via the App and an access code you can make a wireless connection with the DP-Control on DP-Pumps booster systems.

The App gives you direct insight into the status of the pump system, the programmed parameters and allows you to operate the control and change settings directly.

Configuration and service

  • Status of the installation, such as pre-pressure, discharge pressure, rpm
  • Switch pumps on, off and on automatic mode
  • Change set points, parameters such as various timers
  • Change digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Operating hours, number of starts of the pumps

Monitoring data and settings

  • Detailed alarm, warning and information messages with date and time
  • Log of 1000 messages
  • Easy to save and copy settings to another installation

Free download

The DP-Control App is available for free in the App Store and in the Google Play Store

Download de DP-Control App in IOs

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