Control systems

for pumps and booster sets

To take full advantage of the efficient pump design, the pump or pump system must be fully tuned to the application. That is why we develop and produce the control systems for our booster systems in house, using decades of practical experience.

'Maximum hydraulic efficiency combined with energy-efficient motors and controls.'

Optimal performance in every application

We offer best in class pump solutions for buildings and projects on any scale. There are pumps that will increase the pressure in a single home all the way to full systems for the tallest skyscrapers.

The control systems ensure that the DPV centrifugal pumps in the system always run at the optimum speed or arrange uniform distribution of the workload between the pumps in order to guarantee long service life and reduce energy use.

Explore our reference projects
megacontrol pomp besturing


User friendly control unit that offers advanced pump control settings

  • Fixed speed or variable speed control
  • 1 up to 6 pumps
  • Pressure booster control for tap water, industrial water or water supply in fire extinguising systems

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custom pump control system

Custom control system

Tailor made to perfectly fit the application

For more demanding applications, our specialists can develop custom control systems.

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