Pumps and pump systems for tap water supply

Pressure boosting systems

As a market leader in pressure boosting systems we take water and quality seriously. It is not for nothing that more than half of the high-rise buildings in the Netherlands are equipped with one of our systems.

The extensive range of pressure boosting systems offers solutions on any scale. There are systems that will increase the pressure in a single home all the way to full systems for the tallest skyscrapers.

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centrifugal pumps

Stainless steel centrifugal pumps

With our numerous configuration options we always make a pump that meets your expectations and requirements.

Decades of experience in development, production and maintenance of stainless steel pumps make the vertical and horizontal series unique in terms of safety and efficiency.

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Controller booster system

Control Systems

To take full advantage of the efficient pump design, the pumps must be fully tuned to the application. That is why we develop and produce the control systems in our own factory.

The control system ensure that the DPV centrifugal pumps in the system always run at the optimum speed and arranges uniform distribution of the workload between the pumps in order to guarantee long service life and reduce energy use.

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