Customised control systems

Efficiency using intelligent software

The different components making up our pressure boosting systems are developed and built in house with plenty of care and attention. This enables DPV stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps to deliver long-lasting, trouble-free, and efficient water pressure; and they can be configured accurately to match each specific application precisely.

If the demand for water and pressure varies, a control system ensures the speed of the pumps is constantly adjusted to provide the optimal efficiency. The Megacontrol, which was developed in house, does that in the most efficient way by taking numerous parameters into account for the control. Since its introduction in 1991, the software has been developed continuously and benefited from knowledge attained in practice so that, both in terms of efficiency and ease of control, it remains a progressive product.

Working range

  • Max ambient temperature: 50°C
  • Humidity: 20 - 90 %
  • Voltage: 1x230 VAC
  • Frequenty: 50/60 Hz

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The Megacontrol offers a range of features that increase insightand control over the system so that you, as an owner or manager, have anoversight of what is happening and can control safe and reliable use. It evenoffers the option of reading out simple data and warnings in industrialprocesses or building management systems.

  • Set up via Man Machine Interface or laptop
  • Non-urgent and urgent alarm contact
  • High and low pressure alarm
  • Dry run protection using a level sensor, pressure sensor or switch
  • Extra alarm outputs for, among other things, two levels (only in combination with a level sensor)

The Megacontrol is set up to be able to carry out communication through advanced communication protocols. And can optionally be equipped with a Modbus or Profibus.


The Megacontrol is our most advanced operating system and can accurately control systems of 1 to 6 pumps in a variety of ways.

  • Fixed speed regulation
  • (Multi-)speed controlling pump control
  • Jockey pump control (1 or 2 jockey pumps)
  • Breakdown of running hours
  • Minimum run time optimisation*
  • Programmable test running time
  • Control system in storage reservoir
  • Adjustable dry run protection delay
  • Manual pump operation

* The overrun time of each pump, which is as short as possible, is used to optimise the number of required circuits


Can be optionally equipped with PT 1000 temperature gauge for the measurement of ambient temperature as required by Legionella legislation.

User-friendly menu

The control panel includes a backlit display, function keys, navigation keys and control keys, LEDs, and two connections for the service interface. The display shows important information about the system's operation. The information is displayed as text on the display and the displayed parameters can be adjusted

  • Easy control
  • Dutch, English, French, German and Turkish
  • Pressures shown in kPa, bar, psi, feet, mWk
  • Level in %, cm or m


If a standard control system does not meet your needs, we can design a custom solution. That's the advantage of having the experience and technology under one roof. As well as taking care of the development of new generations of stainless steel centrifugal pumps, our R&D department is regularly engaged in the design and development of complete projects - the electrical engineers work closely with our mechanical engineers in the field of PLC programming, the design of control cabinets, and hydrodynamics

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The Megacontrol can be set up for drinking water, process water and fire-extinguishing applications because the control system can be build into the following systems:

  • Hydro-Unit with 1 to 6 pumps
  • Break-Unit with 1 to 6 pumps
  • Fire-Unit with 1 to 6 pumps

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