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1-pump system with bluetooth

17 december 2017

The Hydro-Unit Eco FR is our high-quality series of one-pump booster systems that is designed for small applications. The compact and affordable design makes this variant on the multiple-pump pressure boosting system particularly suitable for individual homes, sports complexes or light industrial applications.

We recently added innovative features to this series. Some of the most important innovations are:

ACS and WRAS drinking water certificate

The Hydro-Unit Eco FR meets the highest standards for drinking water quality and is now officially ACS and WRAS approved.

Speed control with blue-tooth

The new Hydro-Unit Eco FR is equipped with a new speed control unit which is fixed on the motor and has a new user-friendly interface. The duty point can be set either via buttons on the control or via bluetooth using the App on your smartphone or tablet. When using a smartphone as hub, you can even change setting from a distance. This makes commissioning the pump very easy.

Working range

Max flow (Q): 10 m3/h
Max. head (H): 85 mwc
Ambient temperature: 0 - 40 ˚C
Temperature liquid: +4 - 60 ˚C

More information and technical data

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