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DP Economy Line booster sets

31 oktober 2017

With the new DP Economy Line booster sets, we introduce an economical alternative for the DP Premium Line booster sets. The new Economy Line is based upon the horizontal multistage DPHM pump using standard components and a simplified control system to position this Economy Line in the market even more competitively.

The Economy Line is available as a one or two pump booster set in both fixed speed or variable speed (using (a) smart Nastec inverter(s)).

Besides a full stainless steel version equipped with DPHM pumps and stainless steel headers which meet most European potable water standards, there is also a version available equipped with DPHMC pumps and galvanized headers (this version has no valves etc. fitted).

To maximise the performance and efficiency of the Economy Line booster sets fitted with the Nastec inverter, the pumps are able to run up to 60Hz while the main power supply is 50Hz.

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