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Extensive possibilities for certification

3 februari 2016

Many of our pumps have obtained an international drinking water certification, such as WRAS, ACS orNSF/ANSI 61. We can, for instance, also deliver ATEX-certified orMarine-certified motors.

However, we can go much further. For example, it is important in the automotive industry to make sure that no silicones are released when using a pump, as this can cause great trouble when spraying the paint.In order to be able to offer certainty about this, we have developed a special mounting and cleaning routine for silicone-free pumps.. After having run this routine, a certificate is obtained, so our customer can guarantee its buyers trouble-free use.At the request of customers, so called 'witness tests' are conducted in our test room in the presence of experts of Lloyds, Veritas, DNV or any other certifying authority. These external specialists check if we correctly conduct the tests and if they meet the required results.

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