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Low-pressure water mist system

1 februari 2016

The JB 114 is an Offshore Platform that is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of windmills at sea. With pillars as long as 73 metres, the platform can stably plant itself onto the bottom of the sea. Provided with cranes, workshops, accommodation and a helicopter deck, the JBL 114 offers an excellent basis for heavy-duty activities sometimes under really harsh circumstances.

Marcel Hagens of Chubb Fire & Security was responsible for the fire protection system on the JB 114, which includes a low-pressure water mist system. Water mist fire protection cools the seat of the fire. Low-pressure systems (< 12.5 bar) have the advantage with respect to high-pressure systems that much fewer drops are split.

Consequently, less water is required, but still as much as 1.5 litre per m² per minute.

For the required water supply and pressure we rely on a Hydro Unit pressure booster system from the Duijvelaar Utility Line. This system has been equipped with 2 main pumps of 410 l/min. at 11 bar each and 1 jockey pump with a capacity of 33 l/min. at 11 bar. All parts coming into contact with the medium are made from stainless steel 3.16.

In connection with the commissioning of the installation Marcel attended a training at Duijvelaar Pompen, so he can now set up an installation provided with the Megacontrol control unit. This was really relevant to this specific application, because access to a platform such as the JB 114 is subject to strict requirements and the experts of Duijvelaar Pompen are not allowed to enter the platform just like that.

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