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For decades, customers have trusted the innovative DPV stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps series in diverse applications for the transportation of their process water. Energy efficient through smart hydraulic design; reliable through the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing; and versatile due to the unique modular concept that offers an almost infinite number of variations in materials, seals, connectors, motors, etc.

The pumps in the range can be used stand-alone as a process or drinking water pump, or used in pressure boosting systems for building technology and industry.

Working range

  • Head (H): 5 - 254 mwc
  • Flow (Q): 1,90 - 125 m 3/h
  • Ambient temperature: -20 - +40 ˚C
  • Liquid temperature: -20 - +140 ˚C. DPV125 max +120 ˚C

Advanced hydraulic design with Dutch roots

The complete design of this pump series, as well as the tools used to make them, are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. This results in a particularly energy-efficient design that achieves some of the highest scores in the market. The most recent addition to the DPV 125 product range even achieves the highest efficiency in its class.

Other advantages of designing a pump series in house are:

  • A hydraulic design adapted to the most common pipe diameters Optimised,
  • efficient fluid flow-through specially designed pump base and head piece for high energy efficiency and long life.
  • Good Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) values (0.6 - 5.0 mwk at Qopt)

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Newest vertical centrifugal pump, DPV 125: highest efficiency in its class

Duijvelaar Pumps introduces the DPV 125. Our most advanced vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump for transporting large volumes of drinking and process water.

It is perfect for the increasing demand for a robust, compact and efficient pump with larger capacity (nominal capacity at maximum efficiency: 125 m3/h). Applications include, for example, water transportation, drinking water and fire-extinguishing systems, boiler feed, district heating, or cleaning and washing facilities.The DPI 125 is not only the most energy-efficient pump in the segment, but also flexible due its compact size, and durable due to its quality materials and construction techniques.

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Low-NPSHr to prevent cavitation

Cavitation is caused by too low suction pressure, in relation to the internal resistance of the liquid in the pump and the vapor pressure of a liquid (the higher the temperature, the higher the vapor pressure). In case of cavitation, pump problems occur because of imploding 'bubbles' generating an intense shock wave. Life expectancy of the pump decreases because of deteriorating of the metal and extra wear on moving parts due to imbalance and decreased cooling and lubricating properties of the cavitating liquid. Without cavitation you are assured of a quiet and long-lasting smooth operating pump.

DP has developed a specially designed low NPSHr impeller and bottom stage casing for the DPV & DPH(S)Ipump rage with significant lower NPSHr value. Due to this special low NPHSr design, the pump can be used in a wider range of applications to ensure high reliability and smooth operation of the pump even in case of low suction pressure and/or high temperature and vapor pressure of the liquid.

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Robust design that is safe for drinking water

Reliable and safe operation of a pump comes from a high-quality production process, an optimised design, and the right choice of materials. In the DPV series, this has been translated into:

  • Hydraulic section and pump housing completely made from stainless steel
  • Choice of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
  • Advanced, highly accurate and reliable production methods using robotics, laser welding and projection welding techniques.
  • Conforms to the quality labels: CE ATEX WRas ACS
  • Medium-lubricated bearing made from tungsten carbide
  • Cast, stainless steel pump base
  • Silent, stable and vibration free
    • Extra sturdy pump casing
    • Special design of motor cooling fin and impeller cover
    • Optimised flow through
    • Solid and robust pump housing

Service friendly

60 years experience in the maintenance and production of pumps have led to an optimised pump design that is very easy to maintain.

  • Reduction of servicing time and process halt
  • Easy-Access and Cartridge Seals,
  • motors and pumps are quick to mount and dismount
  • Use of standard shaft seals (EN12756)
  • Pumps are easily interchangeable one-for-one between DP pumps and other manufacturers
  • Easily accessible for servicing, often without the need to disassemble the pump or motor, or any special tools.
  • 2 connections/2 x 2 connectors (DPV125), with stainless steel plugs, to make it possible on the suction and discharge side to:
    • Pump base drain (without residue), filling, venting and measuring (inlet and outlet pressure separated)
    • Easy to connect equipment to measure pressure differences

3,000,000 possible variations

The DPV series is a modular series of pumps that can be customised in countless numbers of ways:

  • Hydraulic (multiple steps/diameters) and motor (power/rpm) match the application exactly.
  • Wide variety of pump bases, connections and seals.
  • Pressure class PN16, 25, 40
  • Cast iron (VCF) stainless steel AISI 304/316
  • More than 10 material combinations for seals
  • Seals can be adapted to application:
    • Fixed, for long-life expectancy of the seal
    • Easy access, for medium lifetime in combination with quick replacement
    • Cartridge, for demanding applications under high pressure in combination with quick replacement
  • Compact design with integrated check valve in the base and extended motor shaft (E-version)
  • Short, to extremely short, delivery times made possible by the modular production system

Model key DPV range

DPV TechData EN


DP-Select pump selection program

Using the pump selection program, you can easily select the right type of pump for the application. The program is available for free as an app, or as software in our download centre.

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Wide number of applications

A DPV pump can be customised so that it is suitable for reliable operation in the most extreme situations:

  • Drinking water, light aggressive fluids
  • Large choice of motors (or without motor, with optional thrust bearing on the pump) Available in different RAL colours, stained, passivated or electro-polished
  • Horizontal mounting up to 7.5 kW with special mounting kit
  • Various certification (Lloyds, Veritas, Atex, ABS, GL, DNV) Purchasing and test certificates 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2


  • Residential construction
  • Utility
  • Transportation of cool water
  • Hot water applications
  • Fire-fighting
  • Food, chemical and process industry
  • Irrigation

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