Blockage-free submersible pump with cutting device

The DRS series of submersible pumps have proved their reliability and durability for many years in various applications in which a limited drain pipe diameter is available. The pumps with cutting device are an often-chosen solution for the economic transportation of domestic or industrial waste water with coarse and/or long fibrous particles at a relatively high pressure. The cutting device ensures the waste water is suitable for transportation in pipes with a limited diameter.

Working range

  • Max flow: 20 m3/h (optional until 72m3/h)
  • Max head: 49,5 mwc
  • Liquid temperature: Max. 55°C
  • Pressure class: PN6-PN16
  • Connections: NW 32-65 (optional until NW300)
  • Specificaties medium: Domestic waste water, sewage water, faeces

Quality and efficiency

The DRS is a professional submersible pump that delivers a relatively high pressure. Both the material, construction and hydraulic design are of the highest possible quality to ensure operational reliability and a long service life.

  • Pump is cast in one piece from high-quality cast steel*
  • Hardened axle for smooth operation*
  • High-quality seals*
  • Stainless steel bolts *
* The specification may vary for each version


The pump can be supplied in several variants for added operational reliability in applications that require additional product specifications.
  • in an explosion-proof model, ATEX II 2 G Ex dc IIB T4
  • with automatic level control
  • in a hot water implementation
  • assembled into a complete installation including reservoir.

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Abrasion resistant, self cleaning, no maintenance

Apart from regular checks to ensure the settings are correct, this pump is essentially maintenance free. The cutting device has a self-cleaning function, which ensures the pump does not get clogged. Thermal protection in the motor and sealed bearings guarantees lifetime lubrication of the pump, which results in optimal performance. When the pump is unmounted at the end of its life, the stainless steel fastenings ensure that, even after many years of operation, it can be replaced without problems.


  • Sewage drainage in building technology
  • Municipal sewage systems
  • Various waste water applications

Technical specifications

  • Waste water submersible pump from high-quality cast steel (JL 1040/GG25), cast from one piece*
  • Equipped with cutter (JL 1040/GG25) free cross-sectional area 6 mm
  • Hardened shaft (1.4021/AISI 420) for long life and trouble-free operation*
  • Protection class IP68
  • 10 m cable with plug connection*
  • Sealed bearings; lubricated for life
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Pump suitable for S1 operation (continuous) when submerged

Motor data
  • 1.1 kW to 4.2 kW
  • 1 x 230V or 3 x 400V
  • 2-pole § Frequency 50Hz (60 Hz option available)
  • Built-in thermal protection in motor*
  • Direct On Line (DOL) Connection <= 3.7kW and > 3.7 kW Star Delta
  • Double mechanical seal*
  • Bi-metallic corrosion protection in motor*
  • Optional humidity sensor in windings chamber*
* Depending upon model

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