Durable submersible pump, single-channel impeller and suction basket

The submersible pumps from the DVV series have proven their reliability and durability in various demanding applications for many years. The pumps with single-channel vortex impeller and suction basket are available in different materials and various free cross-sectional areas. This makes the series an often chosen solution for the transportation of rain water or waste water in parking garages, light industrial or drainage and irrigation applications.

Working range

  • Max flow: 130 m3/h
  • Max head: 2-38 mwc
  • Liquid temperature: max. 50°C
  • Liquid: For slightly acidic and slightly aggressive fluids

Quality and efficiency

The DVV is a professional submersible pump. Both the material, construction and hydraulic design are of the highest possible quality to ensure operational reliability and a long service life.

Maintenance free

Apart from regular checks to ensure the settings are correct and maybe to clean the tank, this pump is essentially maintenance free. Making the correct choice of basket ensures that the pump will not become clogged. Thermal protection in the motor and sealed bearings guarantee lifetime lubrication of the pump, which means the pump will require virtually no maintenance in its lifetime.

Broad range of uses

The pump is very suitable for waste water or fluids with few or no large solids. Even for the transporation of gaseous liquids, this series provides trouble-free operation.

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Variant for flat-suction applications

In applications where a low fluid level is required, the DVV can be supplied from the factory in a "flat suction" version. To do this, we replace the pump basket with a high-quality stainless steel ring. The flat-suction implementation ensures the pump can suck the medium to a level of approx 3 mm.

Other variants

  • Equipped with an extra mantle (jacket cooling), so the pump can be set up (semi-)dry.
  • Pump with enlarged free cross-sectional area: DVV VD


  • Small domestic waste water
  • Applications in building technology
  • Applications in agriculture
  • Drainage and irrigation systems
  • Various drainage applications
  • For slightly acidic and slightly aggressive fluids
  • (DVV IN K)
  • Oil-contaminated liquids (DVV O K)

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