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Pumps and pressure boosting systems that fit the application exactly

To decide upon the right pump or pressure boosting system(s) you must first calculate the expected water use and the required pressure for the specific property, project or application - this is an important first step. Of course, no one wants complaints about a shortage of water (pressure) after delivery. But a pump or system that is too powerful will consume and waste far too much energy.

The power of DP-Pumps and its dealers can be found in the development of the right solution and the rapid production and delivery of this (customised) solution.

The selection of the most appropriate and energy-efficient solution is based on more than just entering some values into selection software. Our dealers and technical specialists always rely on their experience, as well as a good calculation.

For the selection of a pressure boosting system for example, they also take into account what the building will be used for, the consumption pattern, pipe loss, and the users. Based on these details, for example, they will also recommend the installation of pressure reducing valves, accumulators, controllers or pressure zones for the most efficient implementation of water transport in your situation.

The right choice from 3 million variants

With our extensive DPV series of vertical centrifugal pumps, we can assemble more than 3 million different logical pump variants. Our ability to provide customisation for each application results in a pump that suits your needs. Developed and produced in the Netherlands, and based on stainless steel, the quality of drinking and process water is guaranteed. Select your pump via the DP-Select configuration tool or contact our specialists.

Online information

Technical documentation and Building Information Modelling (BIM) files

Technical documentation

All the information you need to select the right pump or installation can be found in the technical documentation on our website. The documents are also available in printed form of course, all you need to do is ask.

2D and 3D drawings

DP-Pumps has 2D and 3D drawings available for different products in order to support the design process. These BIM files can be found in the library of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) content. The files contain up-to-date graphic and parametric product information and are free to download. DP-Pumps updates this data regularly so you know you are always working with the most recent information.

Actual data

The elements contain a symbolic, a dimensionally stable and 3D view, and our product codes. In addition, a link provides direct access to the complete technical data and performance curve diagrams in the extensive documentation. Our Revit families fully meet the EMCS standard, which follows as far as possible existing standards and guidelines from Autodesk (Autodesk Content Style Guide) and Dutch and European standard settings (for example, ETIM, VDI, 3805, EN and BS). This standard guarantees high-quality and uniform content for the installation sector in Europe and beyond.

Self configuration

DP-Select: Pump selection program

DP-select is the official Duijvelaar pumps pump selection program that allows you to easily configure the right pump for your application. The tool also provides you with detailed information about the pump.

The selection program is suitable for the selection of:

  • DPV vertical, multi-stage centrifugal pumps
  • DPHM horizontal, multi-stage centrifugal pumps
  • Parallel mounted pumps (for example, pressure boosting systems)

The pump can be selected in several ways:

  • Using basic hydraulic data Q, H
  • Selecting a replacement product via "Compare"
  • Direct selection by means of pump type

Free download

Our pump selection software is available as a free App:
And as a direct download for the PC with automatic, online update.
Download for free in the download centre

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