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DP-Select update

31 januari 2019

We have updated our pump selection program DP-Select. In this new version (26/01/2019) extra options have been added.

In this way, configuring the right pump for your application will become even easier.

Options added:

  • DPH(S)I horizontal centrifugal pumps.
  • New pump data for applying the Low-NPSHr impeller (DPV and DPH(S)I).

  • New article numbers of DPV pumps, including the NEMA pumps, with and without the option 'decreased' motor power.
  • Extra pump data of other suppliers have been added to be able to compare.

You can download the newest version on our website, click here.

The newest version of DP-Select is: (26/01/2019).

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