Smart and userfriendly control

In order to get the most out of a pressure boosting system, a smart control system is indispensable. We develop and produce the control systems for our own systems in house using decades of practical experience.

The control system ensures that the DPV centrifugal pumps in the system always run at the optimum speed or arranges uniform distribution of the workload between the pumps in order to guarantee long service life and reduce energy use. .


An advanced control system, with speed control that optimises energy consumption and ensures constant pressure in the system. Can be used with up to six pumps.

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Megacontrol pompbesturing


A simple pump control system for pressure boosting systems with up to three pumps (optionally equipped with jockey pump)

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DP-Control pompbesturing

Custom control system

For more demanding applications, our specialists can develop custom control systems.

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Maatwerk pompbesturing

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