Hydro-Unit Premium Line
Hydro-Unit Premium Line
Hydro-Unit Single Line

Compact standard for the safe transportation of drinking water

For more than 66 years we have delivered quality booster sets that provide reliable water delivery. All Premium Line installations, including the DPV vertical pumps, are manufactured at our state of the art facility in the Netherlands using durable highgrade stainless steel.

The benefits of our expertise and experience extend from userfriendly controls that ensure a problem-free user-experience to the comfortable and consistent water pressure delivered with minimal energy costs. Our Premium Line even meets the future European energy efficiency standard (Wire-to-water:EEI2020) that is currently being prepared.

Easy maintenance

We appreciate the importance of comfort and convenience when it comes to maintenance. Our systems allow both the check valve and pump to be replaced without interrupting the watersupply.

Exchange of connections

The manifolds have been designed to be as short as possible on one side in order to minimize standing water. When integrated with our 'Easy-fit' connections the installation can accommodate the collection line from the left or right with ease.

1. Easy to replace or inspect the check valve, without having to disassemble the pump or manifold

2. Easy to apply the correct alignment and tension with adjustable 'Easy-fit' fittings with O-ring seals

Custom control systems

The hydraulic basis of all Premium Line versions, matching a specific Q/H, is more or less the same. With identical DPV pumps, manifolds, appendages, etc. The difference between the various Premium Line versions is mainly it's control. Sometimes the version without speed control (DOL (on/off)) is sufficient for your application. But when there are requirements for energy efficiency, comfort or extra control options, the Premium Line range offers enough choice.

VFD speed control

A model with speed control is available in 3 versions.

VFD with IE3 motor

  • With the speed control on the pump and settings via Bluetooth/app
  • Speed control in the cabinet and settings via pushbuttons and displaymenu (Megacontrol CM)

Both models provide efficient, consistent water pressure, with the Megacontrol CM model offering extra functionality.

VFD with IE5 motor

IE5 is always used in combination with the DP-Var speed control. The DP-Var can, next to controlling the speed, also control the Premium Line pressure booster. But if more functionality or ease of use is required, the Megacontrol CM can also be added as a control for the latter.

Basis DOL model (fixed speed)

The Megacontrol CM takes care of controlling the Q/H, but the pumps have fixed speed. When there's a demand for water pressure, the pumps switch on one by one. The installation has been designed to provide the desired pressure at maximum capacity.

Open the matrix with Charasteristics and options

Working range

  • Max capacity: 88 m3/h
  • Max. pressure: 15 bar (optional up to 24 bar)
  • Ambient medium temperature: +4 up to and including +30 °C
  • Average medium temperature: +1 up to and including +60 °C (optional up to 90 °C, without WRAS)

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European drinking water laws and directives

All materials used meet or exceed the strict standards imposed by European legislators.

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Energy makes the difference

Many stories are circulating about the energy consumption of various types of pressure boosters. Ultimately, it is the combination of the purchase costs, the expected or measured operating hours, the usage pattern, motor efficiency and control that provides the best choice.

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Matrix control

Matrix control

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