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Compact and economical

Hydro-Unit Single Line and Base Line economy

The booster systems in the Single Line and Base Line economy are high-quality series of booster systems with horizontal DPHM pumps, designed to offer a suitable and economical solution for pressure boosting.

The system has a compact design and is available in a version that meets the European standards for drinking water.

European drinking water directives

The economy variants of the Single Line and Base Line systems are designed and produced in the Netherlands. All materials of the DPHM variant that come into contact with water are made from stainless steel AISI304 or have a European drinking water certification. As a result the systems meet the strict European drinking water directives.

The DPHM C variant has a cast iron pump housing and galvanised piping.

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Working range

  • Max. flow (Q): 18 m3/h
  • Max. head (H): 6 bar
  • Ambient temperature: ≤ 40 ˚C
  • Liquid temperature: ≤ 40 ˚C

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Complete delivery

The Single Line and Base Line economy booster systems are equipped with one or two energy efficient DPHM(C) horizontal pumps, a smart control system with frequency control, 8-liter expansion tank, manometer and run-dry protection. All fitted DPHM(C) horizontal pumps have a completely stainless steel hydraulic package (impeller, diffuser, shroud, shaft). The DPHM variant also has a stainless steel housing.

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Technical properties

Hydro-Unit Single Line and Base Line economy:


  • (drinking) water transport
  • pressure boosting (drinking) water
  • Irigation (agriculture and horticulture)
  • Light industrial applications

2-pump DPHM booster set with smart control system and frequency control.

1-pump DPHM C booster set with a simple control system.

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