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Basic booster system with frequency inverters on the pumps

For more than 60 years we have delivered high quality booster sets for reliable water transport. All Base Line installations, including the DPV vertical pumps, are manufactured at our state of the art facility in the Netherlands using durable highgrade stainless steel.

The benefits of our expertise and experience extend from userfriendly controls that ensure a problem-free user-experience to the comfortable and consistent water pressure delivered with minimal energy costs. Our Base Line even meets the future European energy efficiency standard (Wire-to-water:EEI2020) that is currently being prepared.

Hydro-Unit Base Line

This series of booster systems with 2 up to 4 DPV pumps is a reliable choice for applications that only need the basic functionality of frequency inverters on the pumps.

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Safe for drinking water applications

All metal parts that come into contact with the water are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 or brass. This means the safety of the drinking water is robust and reliable. Therefore, the systems even meet future European drinking water directives and the European CE quality label.

Working range

  • Max flow (Q): 76 m3/h
  • Max. head (H): 15 bar (24 bar optional)
  • Ambient temperature: +4 up to 40 ˚C
  • Temperature liquid: +4 up to 60 ˚C

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Easy maintenance

We appreciate the importance of comfort and convenience when it comes to servicing the pump systems. That is why we design our booster systems with smart components.

Fast exchange of seals and non-return valve

Our systems allow both the check valve and seal to be replaced without disassembling the entire pump.

On-site flexibility

The manifolds have been designed to be as short as possible on one side in order to minimize standing water. Thanks to our 'Easy-fit' connections the installation can accommodate the collection line from the left or right with ease.

Easy Fit connections

The adjustable 'Easy-fit' connections make alignment easy. Threaded installations have an 'easy-fit check valve' and flanged units are equipped with a 'flex-flange' that can be quickly adjusted to size with an adjustable ring.

Economical and durable

Our Base Line booster systems with frequency inverters on the pumps is a basic and energy-efficient solution for boosting water pressure. It even meets the future European energy efficiency standard (Wire-to-water: EEI2020) that is currently being prepared:

  • DPV pumps with high efficiency hydraulics
  • Increased flow diameters (minimizing friction loss)
  • Economical IE3 motors come standard, IE5 drive optional

If your application needs more advanced control options or a higher capacity, the other series will offer you a lot of possibilities.

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Tailor made solutions

Our Hydro-Units are built to order, offering many selection options (pressure & flow, motors, control, etc.). No matter the size or configuration, every booster system is made with utmost dedication and precision by our professional staff to meet the customer specifications.

We produce compact installations through a sophisticated and reliable process on the assembly line, within a day. Large booster systems, fire installations or special engineered units often require more time.


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